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Most especially, Danyel Fulton needs a whole evening devoted to her interpretations of Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin. Her 1-2-3 punch of "River Deep, Mountain High" and "Proud Mary" (as Turner) and "Respect" (as Franklin) fires up the audience and cements "Beehive" as another musical success for the Playhouse Mainstage.

Danyel Fulton is spectacular as Patti Labelle (the stirring “I Sold My Heart To The Junkman”), and as Tina Turner (“Proud Mary”) she delivers all the mannerisms — the shimmy steps and the side-looks — as well as the rasp and the sexy mid-song rap. Fulton also brought out the soul power of Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.” 

Other performances were true showstoppers, one of the best being Fulton’s shimmying and channeling of Turner. It was the pull-out-the-stops rendition of “Proud Mary” that finally gave the audience unsolicited reason to applaud, whoop and whistle. Fulton’s impersonation of Franklin got R-E-S-P-E-C-T, right down to the fur stole and iconic hand-on-the-hip stance.

But it’s Danyel Fulton (seen earlier this year at theREP in “The Trip to Bountiful”) who all but steals the show as the unnamed “Blues Singer” with a torrential rendition of “Today I Sing the Blues.”    


"[When] We first see played by Danyel Fulton in Capital Repertory Theatre's  "The Trip to Bountiful," ... there is a certain serenity about her and yet, even as she remarks at one point to her unintentional traveling companion on the bus ride from Houston to Harrison, "I love my husband," there is a gnawing, aching sense of something unsaid; a story intentionally left untold...Thelma's genuine kindness and warmth, her generosity of spirit and compassion wraps around the elderly runaway woman, Mrs. Carrie Watts...Thelma is a "secondary" character in "The Trip to Bountiful" but...she resonates so effectively and lastingly in Fulton's fully rounded, richly detailed and nuanced performance...

"Danyel Fulton plays the adorable Thelma with innocence, warmth, and winning charm. Fulton creates a young woman that quickly comes to befriend and care for Howard's character. Within minutes you want them to ride out the show together. When Fulton joins Howard in a little dance, it'll make you nostalgic for grandparents lost, hopeful for kindness and friendship, and refreshed with a smile on your face. Fulton's portrayal is a gleaming beautiful light on a wonderful piece"

"Danyel Fulton as Ammut virtually stopped the show with her electric number “HUNGRY FOR YOUR HEART” hitting notes and blasting through walls in a way that called to mind Patti LaBelle."




"Without a doubt, gospel-infused belting soprano Danyel Fulton raises the roof as Ammut with fearless fierceness."







"Dionne (Danyel Fulton) is the true powerhouse mother of vocal prowess in this production. Fulton has true raw power in its rarest form when she belts out numbers like “Aquarius” leading the rest of the tribe into an almost tantric rhythmic fusion of bodies and voices that rumbles out to the audience, making us all want to join in... and watch out for her sassy fiery attitude during “White Boys” as she trips and flips her vocals into a whole new mode of passion."







"Opening the show was the now famous song “Aquarius,” sung by Dionne (Danyel Fulton) and the Tribe. Though this was a show filled with phenomenal singers, Fulton was easily my favorite. The character Dionne acts as a sort of oracle of the show, and Fulton’s beautifully ethereal voice played with my emotions, even bringing me to tears when she sang, “Let the Sun Shine In.” It truly is a treat to be able to see someone so gifted performing such amazing piece of music."




 "... the opening musical number,"Aquarius", sung by the powerful voiced Danyel Fulton, as Dionne..."






"Danyel Fulton as Dionne, who opens and closes the show with its most classic numbers, “Aquarius” and “Let the Sun Shine In,” is quite a talent and I left wishing we had heard much more from her."





"Danyel Fulton, as Dionne, had an effortless range that shook, shimmied and shattered in solos like "Aquarius" and ensemble songs like "Aint Got No" and "Let the Sunshine In."





"Danyel Fulton (Dorothy) has fantastic vocal range and a mature but earnest childlike wonder that only adds to Dorothy's innocence."  





"City College theatre student and Brooklyn High School of the Arts graduate Danyel K. Fulton as Dorothy is a brilliant young performer who makes Dorothy a convincing modern teenager without ever being precious or losing the fairytale sensibility of the piece... Fulton is a fantastic, strong, confident belter... "






"Several of the performers make the most of the opportunity, notably... the honey-voiced Danyel Fulton delivering 1929's "I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling..."




"Danyel Fulton, in a turn that showcases a sweet singing voice, imbues Woyzeck’s girlfriend Mary with welcome feistiness."




"Danyel is sensuous yet vulnerable...(as Mary)"




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